buybuy BABY: One-Stop Shopping For The Busy Mom

*This post is sponsored by BuyBuy Baby, but as always, opinions are 100% my own!

Before I was a parent, I loved taking my time while shopping. I would go to a half dozen stores that I wanted to peruse without batting an eyelash. Instead of walking in a store knowing exactly what I needed, I was spontaneous. I let the store tell me what I needed as I strolled through leisurely. Now as a mom to two, that sounds like pure misery. Efficient is my name and fast shopping is my game!

Shopping for myself these days is basically out of the picture, when I shop for myself I tend to do it online because I feel that I’m able to find more discounts online when visiting websites like Raise. This month we needed some winter clothes for the boys, baby food, diapers, wipes, and nursing supplies. BuyBuy Baby is the perfect one-stop shop for all of our essentials. As a full-time working mom of two kids, unloading and going into just ONE store is an epic time-saving win, trust me.

Our shopping took place at the buybuy BABY in Scottsdale, Arizona. Just a 10 minute drive from us, the convenience factor definitely earned further bonus points! I had shopped at buy buy BABY before, but since we just moved to Arizona, I had not been to this location. Immediately when I walked in, I noticed it was clean, organized, and all the sections were clearly labeled. Walking in with a baby and a toddler, this is a MUST. Ain’t nobody got time for walking around aimlessly! I found a small section of candles and I fell in love with irish scented candles. Candles seem to add that finishing touch, that little something special. And they go with any style of decorating.

Now that Hudson is old enough to sit in the shopping cart, I can pop him in there and have Cayden walk around with me as my little helper! He loves going on the hunt to look for everything on our list. As the new “big brother” he loves to be helpful, especially when he is getting things for his little brother. It was fun to instruct him to grab certain things based on descriptions and see his excitement when he found the correct item! Making it fun and engaging for him is definitely a way to prevent meltdowns while shopping.

It is to be expected that babies get a bit restless during a long shopping haul. My pro tip is to absolutely have a small toy or little teether to keep baby occupied!

One thing I love most about buy buy BABY is the designated feeding and changing room. Half way through our shopping, Hudson needed to be changed and nursed. They had a changing table set up, wipes available for use, and two comfortable rocking chairs for feeding. What a thoughtful space for mamas shopping with littles!

We were able to get all of our list items in one swoop and the kiddos remained happy throughout!

Highly recommend buybuy BABY for your baby registry and anytime you need baby and mommy essentials!

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