Baby Products: Two Months Old {Top 5 Tuesday}

Why hello there! I’ve been on quite the extended blogging break, sorry that there wasn’t a warning. I took time off to be with the family and travel to Arizona for Thanksgiving, so the week of Thanksgiving and the week after were filled with traveling and adjusting to being back home. And then the next couple of weeks just slipped away from me. I guess that’s how life goes with a little one! Cayden is 5 months old now and I feel like the time is just flying by. I am excited for all the things to come, but then there are times that I just want him to stay small.

If this is your first time reading my blog, I have been doing a majority of my “Top 5 Tuesday” posts about baby products based on the age of the baby. Here are five of my favorite products for when Cayden turned two months old 🙂

Top 5 Tuesday - Baby Products 2 Months Old! faithfilledmotherhood.com1) Cloth Diapers. By the time Cayden turned two months old, he began spitting up a lot more often. These cloth diapers make for the BEST burp rags! They are thick, absorbent, and since they’re not expensive or “cute,” I don’t get sad when I have to wipe up spit up with them.

2) Mam Pacifiers. For the first two months, Cayden loved the AVENT soothie pacifiers (highly recommend!), but for some reason after two months he would no longer take them! We had gotten a two pack of these Mam pacifiers at my baby shower and Cayden loved them all of the sudden. So of course with a crying baby, you want a pacifier that they like, so we proceeded to buy six more, haha!

3) Dohm Sound Machine. Newborn “I-can-sleep-anywhere” sleep was barely a stage in our house. Luckily when the little guy is super tired, he will in fact sleep anywhere with almost any amount of sound, but at night to wind down, we really rely on this sound machine to create a calm atmosphere for bedtime. Highly recommend!

4) Carter’s Diaper Bag. My particular diaper bag appears to be unavailable now, but I think it’s super important that you love your diaper bag! After all, it will be your primary handbag for the next few months/years. With that said, do NOT spend a fortune on it. It’s really not worth it. Just get one with a good amount of room and plenty of organization pockets and you’ll be set.

5) Summer Infant SwaddleMe (size LG). I recommended these for newborns in size small, and we loved them so much I had to recommend them in size large for when your baby grows out of the smaller size. I thought we were going to have to try a different swaddle right away, but I was happy to find out that these came in a larger size! It takes quite some time for babies to grow out of their startle reflex, so swaddling at two months old was still in the picture for us.

Sorry for the short blog post. Cayden and I are in Arizona for a little over a week, visiting with family before Christmas. When I started this blogging journey, I told myself that I wouldn’t beat myself up about how often I would post. It’s a side-hobby and tending to my little guy is number one! Glad I got to sit down and knock out a post while he naps next to me. If I don’t get to post next week before Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your friends and families!

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