Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Became Parents // Book Review

Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Became Parents by Gary Chapman // Book Review

*This post may contain affiliate links. Excited to review this book by The Five Love Languages author Gary Chapman! Since a majority of my readers are parents or expecting parents, I thought this would be a perfect book to check out for you all. Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Became Parents was cowritten byRead more

iPhone Apps for New Mothers {Top 5 Tuesday}

Top 5 Phone Apps For New Mothers | | Overwhelmed with all the things you need as a new parent? Hope this list of 5 apps helps you feel more comfortable as you start your new adventure!

When I originally posted, I was really looking forward to this particular Top 5 Tuesday post because I feel like these apps could potentially be a game changer for some of you moms. I have included my own screenshots to give you a better idea of how they look and function! 1) Baby Connect ($4.99). ThisRead more

Baby Products: Newborn {Top 5 Tuesday}

Top 5 Favorite Newborn Baby Products!

*This post may contain affiliate links So excited to relaunch my “Top 5 Tuesday” posts! I will be sharing five of my favorite things in a variety of categories each week. Being a new mother when I started this, a handful of the weeks will consist of mommy and baby products, but have no fear, non-parentingRead more

Bloggers: Human Hat Racks

Bloggers: Human Hat Racks |

*This post may contain affiliate links Disclaimer: this post is not intended to discourage you from blogging. In fact, I encourage you to start one! I simply want to lay out the truth about the extensive learning and time it takes to blog. I want to shine light on how tough of a job it can actually be.Read more

When God Made You // Book Review

When God Made You Book Review |

As a “faith-filled mother,” this book could not be a more perfect fit for my first book review on the blog! My son is finally at the age where he will actually sit and enjoy books, whether he wants to “read” them by himself, or let mommy and daddy read to him. Starting at aRead more

Praying for the Man in the Bagel Shop

Praying for the Man in the Bagel Shop | Are we being intentional in how we pray for others? | Praying for the Man in the Bagel Shop |

Are we intentional about praying for others? How often are we praying? What about praying for people that we do not know personally? I was sitting at a bagel shop this past week, enjoying breakfast alone while working on my laptop. A therapy client had cancelled and I had an hour to burn. As I wasRead more

A Call to Journal

journal, journaling

*This post may contain affiliate links. What happened in the “olden days” before we had cell phones? How could we have lived without the immediate exchange of phone numbers with our trusty iPhone address books? You might have had to rely on your short term memory until you could find a pen and paper toRead more

Baby Products: Two Months Old {Top 5 Tuesday}

Why hello there! I’ve been on quite the extended blogging break, sorry that there wasn’t a warning. I took time off to be with the family and travel to Arizona for Thanksgiving, so the week of Thanksgiving and the week after were filled with traveling and adjusting to being back home. And then the nextRead more