Newton Crib Mattress Review

I had the opportunity to receive a Newton Crib Mattress for review. I was so excited to try out this mattress after reading all of the positive reviews. It is important for me to have a nice mattress for my son in his toddler years, but more importantly a safe and convenient mattress for baby #2 someday, since a mattress sale is so rare at most Bed, Bath & Beyonds. Combined with body warmth, this creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and mould. Using mattress protector amazon not only keeps your mattress unsoiled (and mattresses can be very challenging to clean), but it also helps to protect your baby from allergies, eczema, rashes and illness. We got rid of Cayden’s old mattress within seconds of opening the box from Newton Baby because at first sight we could see how quality this mattress was! Nothing else on the market is 100% breathable, washable, and recyclable like this mattress. It definitely met our expectations for all three of our deciding factors which were comfort, safety, and ability to clean.


To test the Newton Baby Mattress for the first time, we thought it best to put in the crib to test for the fit and also keep our little dude contained for a photo, haha! Otherwise, he sleeps on his mattress on the floor in his new bedroom. He definitely approved of the comfort factor. He laid down on his tummy and fell asleep quickly. I love that it is firm enough to use with a newborn, but comfortable enough for a toddler! It’s also extremely lightweight and easy to lift. The Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow is affordable yet feels like a luxury down pillow, and it’s hypoallergenic too, prefect for kids, you can find pillows amazon here If you have any sleep condition you will love to use body pillows. Specialty amazon body pillow helps to evenly distribute the weight of our limbs, which results in deeper relaxation and rest for the entire body.


This is my number one favorite factor! As a new parent it can be so very stressful thinking about moving our kiddos into their crib when we so frequently hear about the SIDS risk. Some babies are just naturally tummy sleepers and as many times as you roll them back over, they get right back on their stomach. This mattress is completely breathable that I have stuck my face in it and could still breathe! My toddler did the same thing and I was pleasantly surprised to know he had no troubles breathing either. This provides me with great comfort knowing that down the road when we have a newborn again, they will be safe!


From a convenience standpoint, one of my favorite parts of this mattress is that the cover completely unzips and can be washed in the washing machine on the cold setting and air-dried or in the dryer on low. They even sell additional covers (in different colors!) – how awesome is that? Super convenient for those middle of the night messes that you can barely keep your eyes open to deal with. You can also take the inner part of the mattress out and completely hose it down in the shower if needed!

I definitely love the Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress and highly recommend it to you all. If you know anyone that is in the market for a crib mattress, pass this information along! I can promise you will not be disappointed. You can use this promo code faithfilledmotherhood2017 at to get 20% off plus a free Aden + Anais sheet! Happy sleeping!

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